Ball Machine

The ball machine is available for members to hire. You must book the ball machine and an available court via the Court Bookings page. The ball machine costs £5 per hour.

To ensure correct and safe use, only those that have received a brief walkthrough may use the ball machine. To arrange a walkthrough, please contact Pete Tolaini (07740 004548).

Please note:

  1. Ensure you book a court for the same time and as the ball machine hire
  2. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure the machine is not damaged in any way
  3. The ball machine is stored in the outside toilet and is padlocked to the wall
  4. Once booked contact either Pete or Lee for the access code to release the ball machine
  5. Remove the charger cable from the back of the machine before use (do not unplug at the wall socket)
  6. Lift the ball machine down the step rather than bumping it down
  7. Use the ball machine on the top courts only
  8. It will run on battery power
  9. The balls are in the black ball basket opposite and are marked BM
  10. When you have finished with the ball machine, put it back in the outside toilet and reconnect the charger cable so that it charges for the next user
  11. Return all the balls to the basket and store in the original location
  12. If you have any issues with the ball machine, or an issue with your booking, please contact Pete or Lee